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Coming in late 2021, my newest medical mystery: "Toxic Affairs on Hidden Lane"

Updated: Mar 29


Set against the background of the COVID-19 pandemic, Toxic Affairs on Hidden Lane is a fast-moving medical mystery portraying an affluent, but dysfunctional family that comes to grips with ancestral secrets underlying a murderous plot to poison its patriarch.

Short Synopsis

As though the COVID-19 pandemic was not stressful enough for a resident in medicine, Dr. Jace Bauer was now struggling to understand the mysterious, life-threatening illness afflicting his father, Dr. Ulf Bauer. After Ulf married his long time mistress, Margo Keating, one month after his first wife died, Jace and his brothers slowly separated themselves from Ulf and their stepmother, suspecting that she was only after Ulf’s sizeable fortune. In turn, Margo banned Jace and his brothers from entering their former home on Hidden Lane, located in an affluent lakefront suburb where the boys spent their childhood. With the help of colleagues and a private investigator, Jace discovers that someone is slowly poisoning his father. His investigation unleashes a litany of family scandals and murderous plots. For Jace, identifying the culprit behind the poisoning might help not only to save Ulf’s life, but also to determine who in the Bauer family stood in line to inherit his money and the house on Hidden Lane.

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"Toxic Affairs on Hidden Lane". has been published

My latest novel, a medical mystery entitled "Toxic Affairs on Hidden Lane" is now available for purchase as either an e-book or a paperback, exclusively on Please send questions or comment