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Our Great Escape; Part 1: Dumbers 2018

A select group of a half million humans, the only survivors of global warming and the Race Wars, are living a Spartan lifestyle and exhibiting loss of memory and emotions resulting from mind-altering drugs. Dr. Henry Shannon, a Flight Surgeon experienced in interplanetary space travel, awakens in this strange New World and finds that he is being groomed as a leader of a new mission to save humanity by migration to one of Jupiter’s moons. When he learns that his life and the lives of the other surviving human beings have been extended for hundreds of years to facilitate this “Great Escape”, he struggles to identify who is in charge of maintaining human life as it has now come to be. As his fellow humans begin to die en masse from a rapidly progressive form of dementia related to flaws in the mind-altering drugs, Henry must decide whether human life sustained by these drugs is better than no human life at all. Part 2 of this Sci-Fi series will be published in 2019.

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